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                               LADYDIYS  HAVANESE                                 434 DOWBORO RD                                  PITTSFIELD NH 03263                                    603-435-6202This contract is between Diane Moore and,Name:____________________________________________Address:___________________________________________Phone:____________________________________________Email:_____________________________________________      1.  Description of dog        (a)   Breed: Havanese        (b)   Sex_______________        (c) Color:_________________        (d) Whelped:________________        (e) AKC litter #_____________________       2. Consideration:        This dog identified above is sold for the sum of $____________         to be paid in full at the time of pick up.          NO SHIPPING  pick up only        This dog, identified above has a balance of $___________the deposit amount $__________ was paid on _____________ AS A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.        3. Cancellation made by buyer:  NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of $___________: an outright cancellation made by the buyer. The reason for this penalty is in direct relation to the support cost for the care and maintenance of the dog until a new owner becomes available. This is a good faith promise of your intent to purchase. A great deal of personal time goes into each puppy received.  In the event of outright cancellation, all monies received by Diane Moore, Ladydiys Havanese will be retained and used in direct relations to support cost and maintenance.NO refunds in whole or part.        4.  Guarantee:  The puppy that you have selected is guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase, to the best of my knowledge. To keep this guarantee in force, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice with in (4) four (working days) from the date of purchase. During the initial exam should your veterinarian find the puppy to be in poor health that would require further vet care, no fees charged for the initial examination or for any other veterinary service rendered will be paid by seller. In the event your puppy does not pass his/her initial examination, he/she must be returned to seller, along with AKC registration papers and the examination results from licensed veterinarian pertaining to the unsatisfactory health check during the (4) four day period (working days). I reserve the right to obtain a second opinion with a veterinarian of my choice at my expense. A replacement puppy, either from the same litter or if not available  than from a further litter, will be given to buyer. Your puppy will need additional vaccinations every two to three weeks until it is 16 weeks old. Than a booster is needed once a year.       5.  Stipulations:          
       (a) The buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as, or in part of an Agent,in the purchase of this puppy and that the Buyer will not sell or give away this puppy or any of its progeny to any agent or pet store.             
    (b) There are NO BREEDING RIGHTS to this puppy unless noted.   Puppy will need to be spayed or neutered  and a copy of vets bill or notice sent to  seller.         
   (c) Buyer agrees that the seller will REPOSSESS DOG UPON EVIDENCE OF NEGLECT AND /OR ABUSE at no expense to the seller with no refund in whole or part.Buyer agrees that he,she understands this contract fully, and agrees to it.Buyer Signature and Date____________________________________________________Sellers Signature and Date____________________________________________________ladydiy1@metrocast.net